A few weeks ago wrote a post detailing why choose a Salon Loft as your beauty salon. Today, I am in a Sola Salon Studio with my wife and love it dearly. I think the loft is so nice, it is like having your own shop in your home! Here is part two on my experience at a Sola Salon. Click to Get More Information

My wife and I have been going to Sola Salon for almost five years. We have always wanted to own one of these salons so when they first opened they really made our hearts go crazy! We were so excited when we first saw them because of the atmosphere, the decor, the staff, and the convenience. We were in the market to find a stylist, but since had never found anyone that met our needs so we did not even know where to start.

So we stopped by the salon loft that caught our eye. It was very cute and decorated just like an apartment that we would be more than happy to live in. We loved the idea of working in an apartment and being able to choose our own hair stylist. Our stylist was very cordial and greeted us when we walked in the door. After a quick short conversation we felt comfortable and set up an appointment to test out their equipment.

We were a bit nervous about the stylists we met there, but all of them were very kind and welcomed us warmly. Our stylist recommended that we try out some of the products they had available and I was eager to see how everything worked. I was happy to see that the color of my hair was already set according to my liking. So I guess I must say that the color of my hair was very important to me in that this is what I wanted to achieve at the very beginning.

When we left the salon loft we were excited and were ready to go on our first appointment. Our stylist guided us through the different rooms and taught us how everything worked. During the visit we were also given a tour through the whole place and we learned some new things. All in all, I think the experience went well and I really enjoyed the experience, especially considering that it was with the company’s director.

The next day I ordered a medium towel (White), a black towel (medium) and two washcloths (colored). The medium towel came complete with a bow and a picture of my baby daughter. This helped me a lot as I already knew that I liked this towel. On the other hand, it was not as easy to find the colored washcloth. It was on sale at one of the local stores, but the discount was not for everyone. I could buy a dozen of them, but it was not convenient to stock up on so many of them.

I went back the next day and placed another online order for the same towels and was able to pick up a discount. The next thing I did was to look for a local stylist who had a salon license near us. Most of the time, I would just walk into a salon without a reason and ask if they have a discount or promos. They would be happy to accommodate me since most of the time they would not even charge for a tour unless it was a “special occasion”. This worked well because we were able to see all the different rooms. I was able to compare prices and choose the one that best fit my budget.

We have enjoyed visiting different local salons and seeing different types of treatments that my mom has done. Now I know that there is a way to save money while enjoying the beauty that I get from a professional salon. So, I recommend that you look into salon lofts if you want a professional salon experience but do not want to have to spend too much money.