Buying Software is Hard, These Professionals Offer Advice | TrustRadiusMany people ask me this question: Did you sell your software vendor to a competitor? Sometimes the answer is no. Other times the answer is yes. It all depends on your relationship with your software vendor and how much of a stake you have in keeping them happy. And, in many ways, your relationship with your software vendor is what drives your business.  We Get More Information here on this topic

The relationship between your sales and your software vendor is a two way street. The first question you must answer is whether or not your software vendor is offering you any incentives to keep them as a customer. Many companies offer special discounts to acquire loyal customers, so beware. Remember, if a company is giving away something of value in order to retain you as a customer, it’s a good idea to steer clear. It also may not be a bad idea to wait until the incentives are offered to see if the discount will make it worth your while.

The second question you should ask is whether or not your software vendor’s management is actively seeking to acquire other businesses. In today’s climate, many corporations are offering jobs to those who have acquired a particular number of licenses or certifications. This can be a wonderful thing for a software vendor. If they are offering to pay you more for the same license or certification, it is certainly a good thing. But, if they are doing this on a regular basis, it’s probably a sign that they aren’t very interested in seeing their sales increase.

As previously mentioned, the relationship between a vendor and its customers is paramount to their continued growth and success. One of the best ways to cultivate long-term customer loyalty is to always be on their side. Make sure that your vendors are offering you the right training and the right products. Train your vendors to be experts in your field.

Did your software vendor get acquired because they are a good fit for your company? This is critical. It doesn’t matter whether or not you signed a sales agreement. If a vendor is not a good fit for your organization, no matter what the sale price is, they won’t stick around. The same holds true if a business doesn’t make a lot of sense for your company. It’s impossible to please everyone, so choose wisely.